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3 steps to print perfection

Whether you are a direct mail specialist or sending your first campaign, anyone can use SendVia with its simple and pain free dashboard that guides you through to creating the perfect postcard campaign. No need for a user guide, simply send your postcard in just three easy steps.

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At our in-house printing facility, we can transform your artwork into high-quality print, making your postcard mailing pop and your message heard. Direct Mail has never been so simple, with design, production, and international distribution available from one online centralised hub.


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Mail the world with our international delivery network

Don’t be confined to a single postal provider, with SendVia the most cost-effective service for your destination is automatically determined for you.

Using our network of over 100 different postal carriers you can send direct mail efficiently and effectively to 252 countries and territories around the world.

Here are just some of the providers we use:

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See how our clients use SendVia

MyProtein uses SendVia to reactivate lapsed customers.

“We reached out to develop a strategy to reactivate our opted-out customers. As a result of GDPR, we see an increasing amount of our newly acquired customers opt-out, meaning it was more difficult than ever to retain them.

We developed a global direct mail plan that saw us direct mail across Europe and, saw an uplift in customers returning as a result of receiving direct mail.

Furthermore, the cost to reactivate these people through direct mail was significantly more cost-effective than utilising our other paid channels.

Marketing Manager

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